Aeration is the process of making an opening through the top soil in a lawn. This is usually done by removing small cores that are 2-3″ in size.  Aeration is recommended for lawn renovations or in the spring/fall to keep your lawn healthy and vibrant.  Regular aerating of your lawn is one of the most beneficial things that can be done for your lawn.   Aeration allows for oxygen, water and fertilizer to reach the roots and beneficial bacteria of your turf.  It also reduces thatch and soil compaction. Weeds can develop quicker and easier on thin, sparse lawns. A thick dense lawn is the best way to prevent weeds. We recommend aerating and seeding of bluegrass and fescue lawns to help thicken your lawn. There are many benefits of aeration, some of these are:

Stimulates root growth
Reduces soil compaction
Decreases thatch buildup
Promotes deeper root growth
Promotes more drought tolerant lawns
Improves water drainage from turf area
Creates growth pockets for new root growth
Increase absorption of air, water, and fertilizers
Promotes faster green up and recovery of your lawn

We aerate all yards, small to large.
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